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  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    lolatvero wrote: »
    I hope to see this hair and these eyes in the future :)

    아침 등교 헤어

    한결같은 이국얼굴 and 한결같은 신비얼굴

    OMG!! I just want to thank you so much!!!!!! All of these are in the current royal update!! *______* thank you!!!!! :333333
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Vella hair please!! :) (2nd last one in pic)
  • Look of the Month - June


    IGN: Oujo

    World: Scania

    Short description of what your character is wearing:

    - Hat: Flower Morning Garden
    - Face Acc: Ice Cold Red
    - Earring: Single Earring
    - Overall: Pious Shaman Robes
    - Shoes: Pious Shaman Stockings
    - Glove: Burning Ghost Wristband
    - Cape: Snowflake Umbrella
    - Weapon: Ice Flower
    - Ring: Angel Label Ring

    What look you're going for (theme):
    The theme I am going for is an Ice-Princess look; Japanese style. I went for this look based on the job of my character, Ice Lightning Mage and my IGN, Oujo. In Japanese, the word Oujo means princess. Hence, the theme Ice-Princess. I tried to incorporate the two to the best of my abilities by finding a map with either ice or snow, and by adding Japanese elements for the outfit. I decided to go with a map in Temple of Time because of the ice glaciers. I also added a twist by using my 5th job skill "Ice Age" (Picture on the left) to add more glaciers to it. For the outfit, I wore a kimono and an umbrella that has snowflakes as an effect with snow piled on it to keep the traditional Japanese look while still incorporating ice/snow which fit the theme perfectly. The other pieces of my outfit complete and compliment each other while still speaking for itself, especially the colors. I decided to use a flower clip to accessorize while still giving it an elegant and feminine touch.

  • Look of the Month contest: May


    IGN: Oujo

    World: Scania

    Short description of what your character is wearing: Romantic Rose, Dollish Pink, Single Earring, Yui's Dress, Goddess Wristband, Yui's Anklet, Yui's Wings, Rose Butterwand, Butterfly Label Ring

    What look you're going for (theme):
    For this look, I was going for a spring fairy look. This was inspired by the current season, spring and by Yui in the anime Sword Art Online, mainly Alfheim. Spring is a season when the weather starts getting warm, all the snow melted, the bugs are out, flowers bloom and the grass is green again. I tried to create a look based on that, hence the flowers and butterflies. I also wanted to match the color theme of the hat and weapon which is why I went for a pink-girly look and Yui's outfit in Alfheim was pink and the game Alfheim the jobs/class were fairies which fit perfectly with the theme.
  • Look of the Month Contest April.


    IGN: Oujo

    World: Scania

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Bunny Top Hat, Dollish Pink, Single Earring, Contemporary Chic Outfit, Goddess Wristband, Fluffy Snow Bunny, Sheep Label Ring

    What look you're going for (theme): Edgy but cute bunny look