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  • Hero/Paladin 1h/2h sword/axe/mace/shield/secondary

    I hate Hero for its very small attack hit box on Raging blow (Pre-5th job 15x Hero), Dawn Warrior you want a 2h sword on it. Paladin I am not quite sure on, but I will ask around (I don't know many Pally mains, but we have two heroes in my Lucid squad I can ask about Hero things)

  • Hero/Paladin 1h/2h sword/axe/mace/shield/secondary

    According to friends as far as Reboot, Hero is 1h axe and a Shield. Can't say a difference between 1h axe and sword in my experience...but I hate playing Hero anyways :T
  • Temp char slot for Pink Bean

    KMS created Pink Bean World in the coming Summer update...so maybe we will see something like that. I would liek a temporary slot for PB though.
  • Game feels like SoloStory now

    Warning: This post is probably gonna be LONG AF. (Didn't wanna make a new thread when an active one exists)
    Maplestory Parties: Suggestions and Analysis

    The Problem: Players aren't playing together much anymore outside of bossing.
    The Solution: That is hard to say...there are several ways to go about it. I have only come up with a few suggestions.

    Option A: Add Party play to under-utilized maps
    This would for one, help spread the player-base from the most populated maps (I.E: Cavern Lower Path, Chicken Festival 2, Below the Cave) and funnel them into the "Party" maps for people who WANT to play with others. I'd suggest putting them into some of the larger maps in Arcane River for high level players, such as any map in Morass, Various maps in Arcana, Most of Esfera, etc etc, and you can add party play to other maps for the lower players as well. The point of this is to both: bring players together and get them out and about in the world of Maplestory! The best part is...you can choose if you want to go to a party map or stay in the current solo-play meta. This would MAKE a Party meta which would be desperately needed. Party Play would also only be in effect for actively in-combat players, in line with current leeching rules (None of that InmateSearch party mechanics with 1 active and 5 leeches for party play bonus).
    Part B: Arcane River droplet sharing
    This is a bit of an odd choice, but allow Arcane River droplets to be shared across a party similar to Gollux Coins, Yggdrasil Runes, etc. This would allow for players to also come together for a purpose other than grinding exp: To get the valuable droplets! The only big downside to this would be the influx of extra droplets into the markets of Regular servers.
    Option B: Party Quest Revamp
    This is the obvious choice. Revamp the current existing party quests to be viable training methods. This would include a few things, however:
    -Raise EXP given for completion of Party quests.
    -Improve Party quest rewards to be more enticing. Change rewards to be more useful to players. This could include new equip items to replace current rewards, or changing of their stats to make them good filler pieces till Mid-game, or improving the shop to buy things such as: Flames, Occult/Master Cubes, or even things like Nodestones and Arcane Symbols (If a high level PQ is added)
    -Loosen Entry limits. If you want to make Party quests viable again, you need to be able to do them.
    Option C: More Cooperation Based Events
    Arguably the laziest? choice, but it's something that helps people at least meet other players and maybe want to do things together. Think of the Black Mage event, I actually met an old friend that I thought had quit! That was great player cooperation, and about 2/3rds of the event were bearable, although the quests could use tweaking in their difficulty for lower level players, and the ability to create parties would be helpful to increase the desire to play with others. These maps could also be given Party Play to help increase incentive to play on them. Other events such as the BFF Event, Spot the Difference, also encourage player cooperation. Give us more.
    Option D: CWKPQ
    The Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest always required a lot of cooperation. A revamp of this would be appreciated, especially if it gave out good rewards (Maybe GOLLUX RINGS?!) and it could be made into a full raid ala Ursus. Imagine an 18 man group doing a possibly harder, more coordinated CWKPQ. It has been requested in the past to be brought back, even for the retro rewards you could get, such as Spectrum Goggles. While I haven't drawn up a plan on how to make a full revamp of the PQ, its just an idea.

    Ultimately, these are all suggestions. Feel free to give your thoughts on them and ideas for improving them.
  • My Damage Sucks

    Meanwhile: I can't understand how to improve IED and Damage Boss, other than via HyperStats :/
    Uhm... potential?

    Yes, you can get IED on Secondary, Weapon, and Emblem? I believe, same with boss damage, I might be missing a couple of equips. There is also the Leafre Codex set which gives IED, Luminous Link skill, Blaster and BT Legion...