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  • PIC for storage

    Eh i could care less about it i been xfering items from my 48 characters for like 20 mins my pic is good mix of letters, numbers, that i can quickly click in...

    Only reason i can see people are getting goofy over this is if they have a stupidly long PIC or have missed click and got the try again message and its upset them XD

    There is a lot of online Free-to-Play games that use PIC or second password system for storage BUT the difference here is in those games you enter the PIC on time to get into your bank/storage w/e and thats it you can go in and out at will on all characters, but here! you got to enter it every single time you change characters.

    What im trying to say is yes its a great idea but it fails on execution, they should have made it a one time thing for storage seeing as if i get in on one character it makes no sense to make me enter it on EVERY CHARACTER i log in cause after the first one if i was a hacker i'd have emptied that storage post haste and im not going back in it i would have no reason to!
  • Why is there no santa boxes this year?

    Nexons been naughty this year...
  • Merge Bera With More Worlds?

    Bottom line, bera be packed.
  • What is a decent "fluid" class

    Sounds like you want a thunder breaker, skills that flow and combo well with each other and fast attacks, bosses well and can move around a map stupidly fast.
  • Quest Booster still in Cash Shop?

    Patch wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    No. It was removed last winter.

    why? that was really dumb move especially since it's really helpful for zero. Granted no one really used it other than just for Zero but it's still an ok item to have in the shop. I mean im pretty sure they still have those quest taking/return items too? If they have those then why they didn't remove those items too?

    Since nobody will say the real reason they took it down i will, the quest booster was taken down cause of "issues" with how it worked see it not only boosted quest exp it literally doubled every exp gain that had dialog with it on the left of the screen in chat.

    This meant Monster Park, exp instant lvl booster potion from events and the ones from legion shop, theme dungeon quests and party quests all would give 2x exp.(trust me it was way more useful to other classes than just zero)

    Does this mean it was an exploit...idk cause they had it in game for years and only took it out cause it finally started to not work for certain things and ppl reported it and nexon was all like "wait its not supposed to work that way anyway" XD

    Basically we told on our selves and its gone now...