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  • Remember when...

    Toymaker wrote: »
    MYBCKN is king. :#

    I will forever not try to laugh at the amalgamation of those worlds becoming someone claiming its their breakfast! XD
  • Is it too late for me to obtain Big Spider?

    Empress might quest (shudders)that is the true test of rng, thank god i got my KoC to 150 before they got rid of ultimate explorers.
  • Favorite Class in MapleStory?

    Paladin nothing makes me smile more like standing in madman ra and just laughing at his 1k-2k dmg XD
  • Do you expect us to use 2x money for characters?

    So you bought a pet for your kanna or w/e and are now upset cause you have to buy another pet for the class you main? so in theory you (if you bought 3 pets or 3 pet package) 15$ for 3 pets, 3$ for buff skill x3, movement+feed x3 for 1$, movement plus 1$x3, item ignore is a trap&balance scales(other players loot pickup), hp/mp/cure all x1 (also a trap if you bought 3 for all 3 pets also pet equips are a trap as well)

    Grand total of 31$ give or take spent on pets for a kanna meso farmer...so i have no clue why or how you spent 250$ on a kanna for pets unless you was spamming for a perma pet other than that seems more of a your problem than nexons XD

    This is all based on if you are playing on reboot. if not then how did you even?
  • [Reminder] Pet loot lag is still a problem

    @Game_of_Chance And im telling you im sorry if "your" pc cant just power through it but i dont have loot lag AT ALL so please dont tell me how a game is running on my end cause its faulty on your end by some random chance, and yes making 250-300mil an hour from scrapyard mobs is decent meso gain in my book sorry you cant go to mp3 or byebye anymore and 1 shot everything with a kanna but my level 208 BaM is doing mighty fine at hill 4 with mesos.