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  • Add "Decent Kishin Shoukin" & "Decent Holy Symbol"

    How to make game even more broken 101.
  • Monster Collection. RNG to PRD

    FYI I know Monster Collection is getting 'revised' because collecting certain types of elite monsters is cancer.

    Change rng to prd. PRD is pseudo-random distribution. A mechanic from DotA 2. "every "roll" operates independently, but in PRD, the effect's chance increases every time it does not happen. This results in the effects occurring more consistently."


    E.g. P = 1%. Every monster of the same specie you kill will increase the probablility of collecting it by 0.1%. Killing a thousand consecutively should increase your chance to 11% and so on.

    This is to prevent extreme cases of farming over many hours just to collect one monster, especially the high level ones. I spent 3 hours at Red Kentaurus* and gave up. Or you could just buff the collection rate, i don't care either way. Some of the rewards like character slots, VIP hair colors, chairs are great, but they're impossible to get unless you spend enormous amounts hours and have really good luck. I doubt the intention of Monster Collection was to feel like a chore, just as grinding for levels in 210+.

  • GMs response to hackers

    Hackers and bots have been rampant over 12 years. They're an essential part of the economy, unironically.

    If Nexon NA banned anyone who has used macros or trainer hack, most people in the top leaderboards would be banned lmao. This is excluding people like Zerobydivide who abused a Bishop party exp exploit, and other 'features' that got patched shortly after. Not to mention all the high funded players in Windia who have bought items off a certain guy who is known for duping items and selling them cheap.
  • It's useless to complain about nerfs - accept them

    This is pretty normal. When Nexon revamps classes, usually they are OP and get nerfed like **** months or year+ later. The problem is people are always going to moan when their main is nerfed. This isn't LoL or DotA where your favorite champ/hero simply gets nerfed. In MS and other MMORPGs you have invested lots of hours and or money.

    When Mechanic came out they were OP as ****. A year or two ago everyone was complaining about NightWalkers. Right now Evan and Aran were one of the strongest classes. How does it make sense that a 1.3mil buffed Evan kills Cvell faster than a 2mil-2mil clean Cannon Master LMAO.

    I'm 1.2mil buffed Aran (280% boss, 93% IED), and after this nerf i can't even solo Hellux anymore, more times i need to go to the ground and clear those minions. Takes 50-1min to solo Hardlux, before i killed it in 20 seconds. And Aran is getting more nerfs in next patch. I don't really care though, since 5th Job and V-cores should mitigate a lot of that.

    edit: also Kaisers and Lumi mains are the biggest whiners
  • Buff Jett

    Jett? What's that. Is it a new class?/s