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Nebulite Incorrectly Displayed

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Bug type: Nebulite Incorrectly Displayed
Brief bug summary:
[A] nebulite is displayed 2% dex which is impossible. It should be displayed as a neb or [a] neb with 3% or 4%.

Steps to reproduce:
Get a tonne of nebulites, use nebulite fusion tickets, and hope to get a % dex neb that has it.

Character name: xLapis
Character level: 227
Character job: Xenon
World name: Scania
Date and time of the incident: Can't recall, roughly two days post first maple hood enhancement day event.


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    It's not a display issue. The nebulite really is [A] and really gives 2% DEX.
    It's an error of design. When the V patch removed accuracy and avoidability from potential, their [A] nebulites had to be changed as well, and for some reason the GMS team decided to change them to inferior %DEX nebs.