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  • BlackChains
    AKradian. My character BlackChains is stuck on Reboot in the Alien Prison in NLC
    November 5
  • AKradian completed the Second Year assignment.
    You have been a registered member for two whole years!
    September 21
  • riza
    AKradian I know you took down the thread now I had ask for permission to post it up. This the 10th or more time you guys taken down my thread for no apparent reason I spoke to arwoo personally and ask him for permission. Majority to all my post I put up you guys delete without reason or cause which is why I ask before for permission. I will speak to arwoo about it as well as I seem its unfair for us in the community who post our own threads with permission to have it taken down without cause. What ever your reasoning was I think you should of ask or posted first to find out the details regarding the thread as we have the right to post. Also I note this again I gotten permission from aru 'the community manager" to post this. https://imgur.com/DMLVd5C I had a feeling about this which is why I ask first. But I speak to aru about it as I seem its unfair for you and whoever to take down every single one of my threads or anything with my name in it. But have a great day.
    June 27
  • TerrorStreak
    there was no threat, simply choosing to shoot at her character in the gun slinger event which condones shooting at each other does it not, what is the difference between shooting at a character or the platform beneath them leading them to fall to their death, but sorry for being overly graphic. but to the point for some reason i got double mild warn over the same post once by you and once by scholar624? is this an intentional thing or a mistake?
    May 30
    • TerrorStreak
      forgot to add what does mild warning do? does it mean i can't post any more? i was upset some old lady i am assuming posted that the gunslinger event was offensive to her, which is absolutely absurd how daft she was, there are soo many gun slinging classes in the game and the game is based on beating up cute fuzzy critters. but any who sorry never meant any harm, just said my character would wipe the floor with her character in the guns slinger event but more graphic for amusement, i edited my post many times over to make sure it couldn't be misconstrued as a real threat. but am also upset to learn you can't threatened fantasy violence from your character to another person's character specially with competitive events... this i didn;t know and this is rather upsetting for me as i am a strong believer in the freedom of speach.
  • KakashiEmreOrhan
    hi i have problem with nx shop if i click to my keybord the game is go crashing and if i click with mouse then crash it too and it crash with another characters too
    March 30
  • YinYangX
    Probably really belated, but grats on VFM. Hope to continue seeing your good work on the forums. =)
    February 18
  • Uksu
    You have done your job well so far :)
    February 9
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    September 2017
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    September 2017
  • TheHoA
    You are officially on my hit list - congratulations
    June 2017
  • NeoTokyoDude
    (I wanted to say this separate from the other comment) Even though I may not always agree with you, I think that recent post in the survey thread (may 8th) was pretty good.
    May 2017
  • AKradian completed the VERY Opinionated (Level 6) assignment.
    Another day, another comment, another badge. 2,500 comments to be precise.
    April 2017
  • Girthquake
    u aight
    April 2017
  • You’re practically family, especially if that family has 1,000 members.
    November 2016
  • Ivangold
    Wow 1000 posts, is this counting your posts before the uptate in the forum?
    November 2016
    • AKradian
      No, it only counts posts in this forum.
      I had over 9000 (no, really) in the old forums.
  • angelito14
    How did you get so many points
    November 2016
    • AKradian
      By posting a lot and getting a lot of Likes and Insightfuls.
  • AKradian earned the Insightful Level 1 badge.
    You received 5 Insightful votes. You have interesting facts to share.
    November 2016
  • sad
    November 2016
  • KeepComingBack
    I appreciate you.
    October 2016
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    With 500 comments under your belt you definitely have something to say.
    October 2016
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    October 2016
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    October 2016
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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades. 100 spades to be exact.
    September 2016
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    September 2016
  • Subtilized
    I think i found a way to fix the memory/DLL corruption you posted about. I had issues with ranmaru not showing his hp, magnus dealing 10% of my hp every 3 seconds while i was in his aura, and mining and chat didnt work. Thank god nexon launcher has a repair installation option. I am not 100% sure this will fix every1 who has the problem but it worked for me and im using windows 10.
    September 2016
  • AKradian earned the Post Count Level 2 badge.
    You have shared your opinion 25 times. Let's hope they weren't just cat memes.
    September 2016
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    September 2016
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    September 2016
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    September 2016
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    September 2016