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Presents not available for different accounts

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Used by different family members on the same computer.

What's happening Nexon?

Moreover, the different family members using the same computer have logged in to their respective accounts and reported the problem, giving their respective e-mail addresses and IDs:

for the various requests, the answers all landed to the one and same e-mail address initially used.

Not very private?

Last but not least, I cannot use PayPal for God knows what reason, maybe linked with the same credit card being used by the different family members to pay for the different accounts on the same computer? This is how our family functions :)

Any suggestion to solve at last the PayPal question - after years of sometimes giving up to buy NX Cash, as the requests for transaction via PayPal were rejected, and it would have involved buying through another method, which we sometimes use here, but sometimes wish to simply charge a small amount and not have to pay for a larger amount for a different method of payment.

So, what is the issue with the single account getting the hot week presents, as well as how come the replies are getting sent to the same e-mail address, though sent from different family members from the same computer? An error? Or a new, not-so-sympathetic system, if different family members play on the same computer?

Thank you for helping


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    Be aware that the giftbox notifier can only show 15 items.
    If some of your accounts still have maintenance compensations or launcher migration rewards unclaimed, the Hot Week box won't be visible because it's added at the bottom of the list. So, you need to claim some of your other rewards, and then change channel or relog to make the list refresh. The Hot Week box should become visible then.