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Afterlands all 12 Keys but will not Finish

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Bug type: Quest

Brief bug summary: Although I have obtained all 12 keys during the Afterlands quest and I have unlocked all 12 locks, the quest is not prompted to finish.

More details: When I first began the Afterland questline, the background was pitch black however the environment was still the same. When I entered the Land of Warriors and the night fell, only half of the screen turned into nighttime. This may have just indicated that somehow the screen became off-center however I thought it would be logical to include any other minor errors included which may have lead to this major error. Also, during the Afterlands questline right before I began the quest to get the bag of treasure in the Land of Riches, I disconnected and was forced to reopen maplestory. After this disconnection, I obtained the next key and noticed that it prompted me as if I had only obtain 1 key so far (1/12 keys obtained). I hoped that this would have no major effect on finishing the questline so I decided to continue on until I obtained all the keys although the game only recognized that I had obtained 3 keys. Once I got to the door and used my keys on the remaining locks, there was no prompt or cutscene to finish the Afterlands questline.
I attempted to log out and log back and upon reentry I was greeted with the reappearance of all 12 locks. Even the locks I had opened after disconnection also reappeared. However, you can clearly see that both the texture for the lock being opened and the lock being closed are overlapping each other.


For a solution to this issue, Ashkaya could be given the option to give any keys that were somehow lost during gameplay according to the quests the player has finished. Ashkaya could check the quests the player has done and if the player had already completed the quests needed to obtain each key, Ashkaya could give these keys back to the player.

Character name: Scoobys6363

Character level: Currently level 124

Character job: Kaiser

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: Sunday, March 12. Unsure of the exact time.

Thank you for acknowledging my post!


  • KingFroKingFro
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    I have the same issue as you are.I'm in the world Reboot too.What can we do now?
  • iixcatherineiixcatherine
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    I am having the same exact issue.
  • iWreckinBawliWreckinBawl
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    Brief bug summary: Functionality

    More details:
    Stuck in Land of Contemplation, Cannot do the colour quest while Billy in the land.. Please, fix this...

    Steps to reproduce:
    Please, bring the Quest light bulb back on Billy's head.

    Character name: Phäntüm

    Character level: 93

    Character job: Phantom

    World name: Scania

    Date and time of the incident: 3/17/2017 5:15pm EST
  • DuaiBiadeDuaiBiade
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    same here. finish all the missions and release the 12 locks and nothing happens...
    Nick : DuaiBiade
  • Joshua7521Joshua7521
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    Same here, i want my totems :(