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A Note Regarding Recent Communication

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Hey all,

We appreciate the feedback that has been on-going surrounding the larger MapleStory community, especially the constructive criticism from the majority of you. However, when criticism is hateful, without merit, or meant to just stir up an emotional response regardless of the content, that crosses the line. Recently, the latter criticism is what has been observed throughout this community, both within this forums and on surrounding websites. This sort of criticism is not the way to promote changing for the better, or how we create an overall better community.

I also realize that some of you are looking for increased communication and transparency regarding certain topics. We’re working on a larger, more specific response right now, and hope to have that early next week. In the meantime, I’d like to ask a few things from everyone:

1. I’ve been with Nexon/MapleStory for 2 years now, and there’s a lot of great things here, and a huge diverse history. MapleStory is an awesome community, and I want to keep that greatness progressing forward. I’d like for all of you to think about what are some potential things that can help us (the MapleStory Community) progress and move forward. I’m not necessarily talking about in-game changes, but more in the way of quality-of-life. This is not something you need to answer now, just think about it for the time being.

2. Please treat others the way you’d expect to be treated. Much of the recent topics have just been fueled by anger and hate, and that’s not how we should act as a community.

3. Don’t jump to conclusions immediately, and please allow time for responses. I’ve been seeing this way too often over the past few months, where members are essentially demanding an immediate response. Demands are not how we can all work together on improving this community from here.

Last but not least, the rules currently in place for the EULA, TOS, CoC, and other documents are meant to be guidelines for conduct, not absolute specifics for every edge case that may occur. We’ll be working on a larger overall plan / post, but please allow us some time to get all of this together and present it to all of you properly as a means of next steps forward. We’ll lead, and I hope you will follow.

Thanks, and I look forward to a larger discussion soon.

~ J
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    Quick update - Still putting together the actual details with the team here, but it's coming together.

    Didn't want to leave everyone hanging since I had originally stated "early next week", and I would agree that Tuesday is nearing the end of "early in the week".
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    Thank you for being patient. Behind the scenes, Myself, Arwoo, SavageAce and other members of the MapleStory team have been working on an overall plan. Much of this was based around the post I put up last week, and we’re ready to move forward with the next step for this community.

    At the link below, we’ve put together a survey regarding transparency, communication, and the overall state of the game. We want to learn more directly from you, and by “you”, we don’t mean just those on the forums. We’ve looked through (and have always observed) these forums, reddit, Steam, social media, fan sites and more, but we want to see how our findings align with the survey results.

    Once the period to complete the survey ends (likely a week), we’ll take time to compile and analyze the results. Those results will directly impact the next stage of this process. We have a few ideas of where we want to go, but we will adjust based on the answers of this community. This entire process is not a quick one, and we hope you’ll allow our team time to present additional steps, changes, and adjustments. At the end of the day, we want to continue forward with a strong community that works together towards a greater overall experience for everyone.

    As a reminder, for all feedback in the survey, please try to make it constructive. Here’s an example:
    • Not constructive: “I dislike Pink Bean.”
    • Constructive: “I dislike Pink Bean because he’s not green, and I believe he would look better in another color.”

    Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out this survey. We'll likely leave this open for a week or more, so take your time with the answers.

    SURVEY LINK >> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/maplecomsurvey
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    We'd like to inform everyone that the survey has concluded as of today.
    We greatly appreciate the time each Mapler has put into filling out our survey and will review the feedback collected.

    The Maple team looks forward to reading all of the responses and your constructive feedback!

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