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June 27, 1996
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  • WinzyyFam
    Hey there i was going to play maplestory but when i press "play" it says "Updating files" <this might a take while. please wait.... how long does it take? waited 30mins now still same
    January 19
    • Neospector
      This can depend on a few factors. For example, if you started the update from the launcher while the maintenance was ongoing.

      Many people find it easier to patch via the GameLauncher.exe file located at C:\Nexon\Library\maplestory\appdata
      I would recommend performing a full restart (on Windows 8 and Windows 10, you must do this manually via Command Prompt run as an administrator using the command "shutdown /s /t 0", or you must disable Fast Startup in the settings menu) to clear any troubles, followed by updating via the game launcher. When you're not playing, open the launcher and select the gear icon, then select "repair installation". Let it run overnight or while you're out and it should go back to normal.
      Windows 8/10 full shutdown instructions:
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    November 2016
  • Its2Sharp4U
    For the recent thread you've closed, I'd like to point out you can also possibly collect Crimson Balrog through Mu Lung Dojo since you can obtain other bosses there with Monster Collection.

    Monster Codex/Familiars on the other hand are a bit more tricky.
    November 2016
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  • Invulgo
    • Neospector
      Ah yes, Diggumsfoaly. My ancient username from Club Penguin.

      I have terrible naming sense.
    • Invulgo
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