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Am I lagging or is it the game

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My chat never seems to function with me.

I always have to Spam "shdahsdkhkashda" or @@@@@ in order to break out my chat
This goes for All chat, Whisper, and Party chat, sometimes my BL and Alliance chat too.

Another issue im having is all the Arcane Daily quests

VJ - it doesnt show me how many i've killed or how many etc drops i've picked up on my screen like it use to.

Chu Chu PQ - The timer bar is all glitched up, either have 0 Time or Full time and bar doesn't decay.

Lachilen - Monsters take time to take actual damage from me or sometimes disappears randomly

Arcana - I cannot jump down or flash jump without spamming it a couple of times which makes me fail my run. Also when saving a spirit, it does not get saved and glitches onto my screen making it unobtainable for me.