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Kaiser Transformation/Color Coupon Error

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Bug type: Event Item, Class Specific, Graphical

Brief bug summary: The event coupon for transformation color change didn't work as intended, and was temporarily hard-stuck to the default red color.

More details: My Kaiser's Transformation color was set to the default red today, though the last time I logged in it was blue or some other color. After getting 200 star points I bought and used a coupon and the color stayed at the default red. I figured that sometimes the coupon could re-roll to the same color so I used another two and the color still didn't change. After I restarted the game, my next transformation was green (the color change was finally showing) and the 4th coupon I used changed the color as intended.

Steps to reproduce: Unsure. First time experiencing this since the start of the event.

Character name: XenoYamamoto

Character level: 210

Character job: Kaiser

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: around 11PM EDT on April 9th.

P.S. If I could get those two coupons back to help me roll for the black armor that no one on earth can confirm is in the color pool or not, that would be great.


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    So nothing?
  • AKradianAKradian
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    We've forwarded the bug.