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Jett Bugs that need to be addressed

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I know it says that I shouldn't post multiple bugs into 1 thread but making 1 separate thread for every bug is ridiculously long for me and as you can see there is many that needs to be addressed

Bug type: Multiple bugs

Bug Summaries:

[1st Job] The skill 'Space Walk' is not affected by the reverse abnormal status
[2nd Job] The skill 'Stella Impact' shows bamboo art graphics at the end of the skill animation
[3rd Job] The skill 'Spacial Shift' only deal 3 lines of damage when used for the first time in horizontal position. Upward, downward direction and any second use will only apply the number of lines and damage of the skill 'Vortex Cross'
[3rd Job] The skill 'Spacial Shift' does not allow the Jett to go in the upward direction when holding down the skill for the second use
[3rd Job] The skill 'Cosmic Upheaval' can disconnect the character if monsters you pulled are pushed too far away of the default distance
[3rd Job] The skill 'Falling Stars' doesn't always deal damage to monsters
[4th Job] The skill 'Strikeforce Showdown' cast an animation when the skill is activated at the same time the Jett skill 'Starforce Salvo' is released
[4th job] The skill 'Maple Warrior' has a delay on it upon cast and therefore you are unable to move for a while after casting
[4th job] The hyper skill 'Singularity Shock' is not affected by changing the ‘Other Characters’ Skill Transparency’ option
[5th Job] The skill 'Strikeforce Showdown' doesn't have a boost node
[5th Job] The skill 'Starfall' doesn't have a boost node
[5th Job] The skill boost node 'Vortex Cross Boost' doesn't increase damage on the 'Spacial Shift' upgrade skill of Vortex Boost
[5th Job] The skill 'Gravity Crush' is not affected by changing the ‘Other Characters’ Skill Transparency’ option
[5th Job] The skill 'Gravity Crush' final AoE damage doesn't increase when you and/or allies attack monsters inside the singularity
[5th Job] The skill 'Lucky Dice' given by the skill 'Loaded Dice' is affected by buff duration [Fixed in KMS ver. 1.2.294]
[5th Job] The skill 'Suborbital Strike' can turn buggy and will continuously attack a monster even though it registers damage
Design Issue(s)
There is no real benefit to use the Starline combo
Jett is a damage character performing badly at this current state. This class needs to have higher damage by giving them more final damage and/or critical damage
[1st Job] The skill 'Space Walk' jump distance has been heavily nerf in the Jett's latest revamp v.186 – Override: Evolve
[2nd Job] The skill 'Starline Two' only deals two lines of damage while other Starline skills do 3 lines of damage
[3rd Job] The skill 'Cosmic Upheaval' doesn't pull every monster hit if another player is in the map (common knock-back issue mechanic)
[3rd Job] The skill 'Turret Deployment' does not use the character damage formula
[4th Job] The skill 'Backup Beatdown' should be revamped to offer more flexibility in terms of mobbing
[4th Job] The skill 'Backup Beatdown' animation suggests the Jett should attack monsters behind him, but the skill hitbox only hit in front of the Jett character based on the Zen code from another MapleStory region
[4th Job] The skill 'Starfall' has a long cooldown (60 seconds) and doesn't provide any benefit. This skill is weak in comparaison of existing pirate skill 'Nautilus Strike'
[4th Job] The hyper skill 'Starforce Salvo - Range' does not increase the range of the skill 'Strikeforce Showdown', making this hyper skill less desirable to use
[4th Job] The hyper skill 'Bionic Maximizer' provides few non desirable buffs. If these buffs could be provided passively, another active effect could be introduced for this skill
[4th Job] The hyper skill 'Singularity Shock' has a really long skill animation on use
[5th Job] The skill 'Gravity Crush' would be too much limited by the current damage cap if the final AoE damage would be fixed and deal at maximum 30000% damage per line

(Thanks to Slatymate for the majority of these)

Steps to reproduce: Just play the class

Character Name: SummerMist

Character Level: 250

Character Job: Jett

World Name: Luna

Date and Time of the incident: been happening for a very long time and needs to be fixed (Everyone that has played Jett has experienced these problems)


  • OkhuraOkhura
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    Thaaank you.
    I will be going through this very soon, if I need some more info I will let you know!
  • PhantomMasterThiefPhantomMasterThief
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    this list is so long...
    i'd say we need a Whole patch just for this lol

    Next Patch title: Jett: The Rebirth of the Space Cowboy.
  • BeatsGoesOnBeatsGoesOn
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    Lol Jett
  • SummerMistSummerMist
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    There is another problem which is most of the skills that can be considered "mobbing skills" have a delay on it at the end too thus making this character not as viable as most characters. Dont know if you can really can call that a bug but i think its something that needs to be looked into
  • PurpleScarPurpleScar
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    Starline One's Damage stays the same throughout all advancements, regardless of having learned starline 2-4. At fourth Job, it says that Starline One should be doing 420% per line, as of right now it is still using the original damage percentage per line. If this is a semantic error, the skill says 420% while Starline Four does 470%. Either way it should be fixed.

    135 Jett
    GMS Reboot
  • SummerMistSummerMist
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    [3rd Job] The skill 'Spacial Shift' does not allow the Jett to go in the upward direction when holding down the skill for the second use

    This bug was the only bug that has been fixed since the last maintenance, there is still a number of bugs to go... another bug i remembered was

    [5th Job] The skill boost node "Starline One Final Damage" boost node actually affects the "Starline Four" skill

    This needs to be corrected because that is a huge problem for a number of new Jett mains starting out who mess up their node composition because of this misprint.
  • BelloPallyBelloPally
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    I've addressed some of those issues for years now, but none of them have been fixed... Honestly, I don't think there's any hope for Jett.
  • asainkid89asainkid89
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    im a lv 215 mained jett i have most of these problems too and i have posted about the cosmic upheaval and star line 3 d/c bug. i can relate to this, nexon please make changes or buff jett. jett is such an under rated class and hate.