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Privacy when buying gacha or boxes

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Whenever a user buys something from the gachapon, style boxes, etc, the winnings are announced to everyone on the server.
I think this feature should be optional, as not everyone wants to broadcast what they are doing (or what they got) to everyone else. I know some people may see the announcements as no big deal, but I'm a more private person and like the option of being able to hide what I'm doing.
Can this be an optional feature please?


  • warren890warren890
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    Me personally I think this is necessary to tempt people to buy more NX. You can always buy these on a separate character and transfer it to your main.
  • AurstAurst
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    Yeah it would be nice to have a box where you can tick and thus, no announcements out to the server.
  • ACMBlackCipherACMBlackCipher
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    The feature can get a bit annoying, especially when stuff starts clogging my message log. Still, the basis of gacha is gamblimg. And the thought behind the messages is "if person A sees person B winning, then person A now feels (however slightly) more inclined to try their luck at winning."

    It's the same thing with lottery winners and why some states in the US refuse anonymity and other states want winners to do interviews and such. Unfortunately when personal preference clashes with profit, profit always wins.
  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    Especially if you get a Frenzy Totem in marvel, you wouldnt want hackers to know.