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Please help me with linking accounts

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Hi, I started maple story with steam first and I want to use Nexon launcher now... and my friends said that it automatically make Nexon account when I play with steam so I tried to log in with the same email with using forgot my password way (so I can change password and login).
---I will use A for my steam account and B for my Nexon account that I just said (same email one)---

So the problem is that A and B don't share the same data (which means they are different account). I know a lot of people who played maple in steam first and transfer to launcher successfully and I asked them and they said they did the same way as me! I don't know why it happens to me...

Is there any way to link data between steam and Nexon ID? or is it just because I don't know how to find a right Nexon ID cause I'm stupid?
Please help me if you know the solution...


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    Youre better off talking to live chat/ creating a support ticket, as they may be of more help, in linking the accounts.
    to answer the last question, yeah, your steam account is just to log in, but when you download maple for the first time it would have asked you to either create an account or log in with your existing account. logging in with an existing account wouldve linked you nexon ID to that steam account. you cant unlink it once you have a nexon ID linked to a steam account.

    only support can help with unlinking, youll have to explain why and prove "ownership" of the account by asnwering questions. or you can make a new steam account and carefully read where it says to log in with an existing nexon ID when you launch maplestory for the first time via steam.

    for example, I don't use my steam log in info for nexon launcher, and I don't use nexon launcher info for steam. Two separate ID and passwords. But when I play maplestory through steam for the first time, I linked my Nexon ID (which I use for nexon launcher) to that steam account. So, my Nexon ID is linked to my steam account. However, If I want to play via nexon launcher, I still can because one doesn't affect the other.