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Change Mercedes's Stationary Rising Rush Key

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Rising Rush can be used in place by using the down key, but in this game you can fall faster (while airborn) while pressing down. Ironically and seemingly because of this, while you use this version of rising rush, you can't go up as high when using combos as you would if you used normal rising rush. So maybe change the input for stationary rising rush to the upkey? At least that way when you hold the key for too long and use Aerial Barrage before letting go of the key you won't be falling faster and would go up as high as normal rising rush +AB combo.


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    I find that the speed of when you combo into AB from RR is what controls your height. It can be as much as gaining 1.3x height to worst case of being pulled down via gravity due to server side issues.

    I've personally never experienced holding down lowering the height as I never got the impression that you were in a flight/swim status during the RR recovery.