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Black Heaven reward not recieved

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Bug type: Reward not revieced

Brief bug summary: I finished Act 2 of Black Heaven and was able to get 'Ace of the Alliance medal' reward but nothing pops up in the lightbulb to the left to claim 'Memories with Neinheart chair' reward. I closed maplestory and changed characters before hopping back onto the character that completed Act 2 to see if it'd pop up but it still isn't there.

Character name: oxblu

Character level: 184

Character job: Ark

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: 21/07/19, Roughly 3-3:30PM AEST


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    I believe you speak with the bird NPC that starts Black Heaven and they'll give you the medal and the chair, it's not in the lightbulb tab I don't think.