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Beast tamer unable to form hero squad

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Bug type: unable to participate in immortal gorgons event

Brief bug summary: when clicking on the list to add squad members my beast tamer is not listed

More details: enter the event map with beast tamer / tell fidan you are ready to participate / click to register /try to find your beast tamer in list
i play my beast tamer in cat mode

Steps to reproduce: do the same thing over and over again

Character name: Bandabeast

Character level: 235

Character job: beasttamer

World name: luna

Date and time of the incident: july 28th 15,45

(mention your time zone if you aren't posting Pacific time) CET

since Beasttamer is main on this account i would love to challenge it in this event and gain some easy coin, so please solve this problem asap
even though beasttamer is no longer the weakest char in maple (guess it gave that spot to the newly nerfed kanna class) it is still a class with so much cd on skills that it is hard to load event coins fast
please let us access all content or compensate our class for being left out of this option


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    seems this bug does not only count when you try to use a beast tamer as first char
    also if you make a squad with another char beast tamer does not get listed
    guess they just forgot about this class
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    Thank you for reporting this bug, it has been forwarded.