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Oldschool maplestory

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Make an oldschool server around the cygnus pirate release before big bang when u couldn't level to 200 in 6 hours actually achieving a job advancement was a accomplishment scrolls where nice buying selling make your own equips and selling them the free market was a game all by its self when your tired of grinding go to the fm and find a deal on some guear or find a sweet deal on some guear for one of your different characters it was nice the only thred I found with a nexon reply said "no one would play it" and it went on to be compared to runescape witch was a bad game horrible comparison but this probably wont get approved but an old maplestory would actually pop off there thousands of not hundreds of thousands of reddit posts youtube videos of people waiting for a classic legit server we can content create and play so meny people wrote off nexon and quit maplestory so word of mouth after a classic launch would help the game blow up and the content already exists we need a legit classic maple server maintained by nexon it's not about nostalgia or relieving a childhood its we want a version of the game before damage was broken before equipment enhancements before potential (before cube bundles ) before you could level to 4th job in an hour level 70 third job advancements when boss runs where guild events. Not someone begging for a carry outside the door I can go on for days can we discuss a oldschool server ?


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    Old Maple
    - Do not create threads pertaining to Old Maple Servers, Legacy Server, Pre-Big Bang Servers, etc. You can talk about previous verions of MapleStory for memories and nostalgia's sake, but discussions surrounding starting up new services or servers are not allowed.
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