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[Monster] I.AM.ROBOT's EXP Not Adjusted

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edited December 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Monster

Brief bug summary: I.AM.ROBOT, one of the monsters in New Leaf City, did not have its experience increased with the New Leaf City revamp.

More details:
Before the v210 patch, I.AM.ROBOT was Level 104 with 77,000 HP and 1,831 EXP (base, aka not accounting for level differences).. As of v210, I.AM.ROBOT's level is now 175, the HP is now 5,884,800, but the EXP was unchanged.

For reference, there are a couple of other mobs in the Krakian Jungle that are also Level 175, but they both give 24,173 EXP base. Therefore, it would make sense to make the robots give the same amount.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Hunt I.AM.ROBOTs in NLC's Excavated Jungle.
2. Note the EXP not being properly adjusted.

Character name: irrelevant

Character level: 170+

Character job:

World name: Bera (applies to any world though)

Date and time of the incident: Decembe 18, 2019 at 10:00 PM EST