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Cant get in game for over 1 minute.

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I disconnect non-stop been doing it since is morning. Anyone else having this issue?


  • KhongiKhongi
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    yeah I actually am, I'm trying to get into reboot. The lag is so woeful for me, thought it was my ISP so switched over to other heavy games (B&S, Overwatch etc) and they're running smooth... so something else is really clogging reboot today.
  • AntroxiousAntroxious
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    Not just reboot, I keep getting disconnected, saying my internet is unstable. Other games and youtube are all running smooth for me too. Can't acces the main website either.
  • PissedOffPissedOff
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    Me too... I can't even get to the log in screen...
  • Sweetheart123Sweetheart123
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    not me ive been logged on all day
    Laggy as hell but no dc
    you can try this quick troubleshooter i kinda made over the years

    1. Step number *ONE*:
    Go into the start menu and click on control panel

    2. Step number *TWO*:
    Locate your Network and Sharing (may be named differently on a different OS)

    3. Step number *THREE*:
    Locate where you may manage/change your adapter settings

    4. Step number *FOUR*:
    Locate all "Local Area Connection #" or any networks which state "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" and disable them.

    5. Step number *Five*:
    Restart your computer

    6. Step number *Six*:
    In start menu Search device manager

    7. Step number *Seven*:
    Go down to wireless in propertys turn off the setting to let the computer turn it off

    8. Step number *Eight*:

    9. Step number *Nine*:
    In start menu type cmd right click "Run as Admin"

    10. Step number *Ten*:
    Then type "netsh winsock reset"

    11. Step number *Eleven*:
    Press enter

    12. Step number *Twelve*:
    Restart your comp when your promped

    13. Step number *Thirteen*:
    Turn off your antivirus until restart < avg free is bad for dcing >

    14. Step number *Fourteen*:
    Go into maplestory folder

    15. Step number *Fifteen*:
    Right click
    { Pretty much all the exe }
    and go into compatibility and Click the box FOR ALL USERS

    16. Step number *Sixteen*:
    Change them to compatibility win 7 at same time< only if ur on win 10>

    17. Step number *Seventeen*:
    Now start the game when your on character selection screen

    18.. Step number *Nineteen*:
    press alt + tab + delete together

    20. Step number *Twenty*:
    Go down to task manager

    21. Step number *Twenty-one*:
    Find maplestory.exe in processes and right click

    22. Step number *Twenty-two*:
    Set Affinity
    here depending on your computer
    start at above average
    if u have a beast of a comp then go realtime or high i usually go high but that's me

    23. Step number *Twenty-three*:
    If none of that worked

    24. Step number *Twenty-Four*
    Restart Your Comp
    DISABLE AntiVirus & FireWall

    25.Step number *Twenty-Five*:
    The Three R's

    I hope this helps
    Let others know if it helped by
    Hitting That Thumbs Up "if it does<3"