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More items for Reward Points in Reboot

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I've noticed in Reboot, reward points are practically worthless outside of buying 5 red cubes, 5 black cubes, additional entries to monster park (removed currently), and additional entries to events such as Sengoku High and Red Leaf High. Once you buy out all of these, you have nothing else to use reward points on for the rest of the month and reward points aren't valued outside of that. So I figured, could Reboot get these in the Reward Points Shop, by any chance? I think these would be nice to have more availability/easier access to Reboot players. I tried to keep in mind of things that would appeal to Reboot players and base around the concept of Reboot as a whole.

Buff Freezers
Respawn Tokens
Meso Bags
Water of Life
Pet Snack

I'm already aware buff freezers and respawn tokens are available for meso, just figured people would like to use reward points in alternative to using meso to obtain these. And I believe the meso bags would just be that extra thing people would like to use to convert their leftover reward points into meso, since Reboot revolves around making meso to buy cubes and the like.

Now, I do think the Water of Life and Pet Snack should only for a high price to make it reasonable to make such things available like this (such as 10k reward points or less) limited to 1 per month to make it not so easy to obtain them and to encourage people to work to save up for these if they really want them yet have no income or money. I feel it would be nice for people to be able to work hard and earn these things a different way. Normal servers already have these available for reward points. I do not quite understand why Reboot does not. But at the same time I guess I "can" understand. However I feel without these being available by different means, it doesn't appeal to the concept of f2p.

As for the meso bags, I feel they could be like the common meso bags that average 100k-5m meso per bag, limited to a decent number of them per month and at a price that's not "too" high but just enough to make it worth farming reward points. All of these will give us something to use our reward points on instead of just letting them expire due to how generally worthless they are to Reboot players outside of what's currently available.


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    You get 5% of each Cash Shop purchase using NX back as Reward Points, it's not a huge amount, but it's still something. Adding reward point items on Reboot, especially something like meso sacks, just means that someone can splurge on cubes or other things on a normal server, or if they were really into buying cosmetics on Reboot, and then in turn benefit on Reboot from the real money they've spent. It opens up Reboot to pay-to-win, maybe even worse than normal servers, because you have to spend much more to get similar benefits (on the other hand, you'd also be gaining the normal benefits of the NX you've already spent).
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    IMO, I don't like the idea of meso bags in the Reward Points Shop because of their existence in the SIlent Crusade Shop for 30 coins a pop. As far as I know, The Zakums, Hilla, Horntail, Pink Bean, the CRA bosses, and the Mystic Gate bosses, drop coins. For example, if you suddenly want to farm Mystic Gate Lyka, for instance, for all 20 entries, that's 100 coins daily because if I remember correctly, it drops 5 coins per kill which is 3 meso bags ($30 x 3 bags = $90) alone with a remainder of 10 coins. Silent Crusade coins can add up quickly from my experience daily bossing and the occasional Mystic Gate run.

    On the contrary, I would not mind seeing the Water of Life in the Reward Shop because like OP said, it's another thing to buy aside from the 10 cubes readily available, but mostly because of Hilla's Blackheart. Hilla's Blackheart pet is the only permanent/not disappearing, non-event and non Cash Shop pet that I know of that can be acquired just by daily bossing, as despite the main way to get it is through Hard Hilla, I've gotten Blackheart through Normal Hilla, but the box's drop rate for normal is astronomically low, let alone adding on to the 50% chance to drop the pet accessory for it as well. Basically, a Reward Point Water of Life can work in tandem with Blackheart if someone has it, if the person does not want to spend NX on a pet in the Cash Shop. Additionally, in my current experience, I can get 500 Reward Points per daily bossing cycle, so it adds up over time.

    As for the Pet Snack, from what I know it's a one time purchase per character as it is the quest item that rewards you with the perk to equip three pets simultaneously, so I don't think it's as necessary because it is, IMO, a completely optional purchase from the Cash Shop; I'm satisfied with just having my lone Ice Knight by my side, but then again, that's just me.

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