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Improve CrossWorld PQ Rewards

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If we could get something such as cubic chaos blades, or maybe a few arcane symbols via this party quest, it would be more relevant and also make people play the game together. With Nexon now taking effective action against botting, certain items that players relied on them for will be more scarce. To make them still obtainable in a reasonable fashion, making them available from something that won't be a target area for botting (crossworld pq), would be a good rewarding way for players to have a reason to engage in party play. There are a lot of things that could be changed about this party quest to make it relevant and rewarding.


  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    I think a boost to exp earned based on the player's level would also work pretty well. To take a page off of Final Fantasy XIV's book making players' levels adapt to the party quest's so everyone is on the same range, and having players earn exp based on their level when completing the quest would make it so that veterans would be able to get something out of the lower level quests.

    Adding a player search that works would also do wonders, something like the Ursus party search that looks for anyone trying to make a party.