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  • If you migrated after 9th November your characters won't have been moved over yet. I'm not sure when they will be but all we know is it will be a "future maintenance". I migrated July 31st, I get it if you migrated late your data still isn't here bu…
  • Also another thing I remember is when Korean Folk Town didn't exist yet and you'd just go to the elevator hoping it'd work somehow but it didn't cause it wouldn't lead to anywhere, and then when Korean Folk Town came I was so excited to finally use …
  • (Sorry if this was already mentioned but I haven't read everything back) But does anyone remember the monster events where they'd summon a bunch of balrogs and mushmoms and stuff? If I remember correctly 4th job didn't exist yet so basically if you…
  • Migrated on 31st of July, still missing all of my characters... I submitted a ticket but they told me I should wait because it happens to everyone who migrated late, but I've migrated months ago?
  • Hello, my name is Nina and I'm from The Netherlands c: I've been playing EMS since about 2007, when I was about 7/8 years old :'), I've quit a few times but came back everytime just like now (and everytime I get scared by something like the first ti…
  • I still can't see any of my old characters on Luna? But when I tried to create a character with one of my old names it said it was already in use so it can't be gone.. I tried logging in on the NA version but I need to use my PIN which I don't reme…