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  • Pigaba wrote: » Yeah just go to Beta. It's really easy to get me so. Just buy it from sites thousands of bots are advertising on Henesy that Nexon never bother to deal with. Just a warning to you, buying mesos from any site is against the ToS. Wh…
  • My princess unicorn pets will be with me forever.
  • YamiTetsuya wrote: » Did they nerf Zakum? I remember him being at least lvl120+ or something. Anyway... Rei from Evangelion event wants you to kill Zakum and that's not gonna happen on low lvls. My strongest characters are around 125-130 (Hero, Ka…
  • cheezburger85 wrote: » He did not break the rules. Just because you're a moderator, it doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want, it does not mean that you're above us and above the law, we're all subject to the law. Nobody said that "pol…
  • YamiTetsuya wrote: » Why are some high lvl quest in the low lvl quest list? Like... I think you get Shinji's request on the Evangelion event quest list like it was a lvl35+ quest but you need lvl 106 or something to access the place. Same for Zaku…
  • RyoMan wrote: » Its like that everywhere now, except reboot. I remember Bora (my hometown ), Bera, Scania, and Windai was so full of people that Windia and Scania would have flame wars on Gamefaqs boards. The worlds were so crowded that they int…
  • BelloZero wrote: » Sorrow wrote: » Reboot is easier to level and more beginner friendly, it's also F2P. It's easier to level? What do you say that? Monsters give more EXP, but have higher HP. So they take more damage to kill, but give you …
  • I can't really say what is the best for you since it depends on what you enjoy. However, if you want a easier time farming and bossing, I'd go with Wind Archer imo. They are pretty strong dps wise with their truffling arrows and song of heaven stand…
  • RyoMan wrote: » A Revamp of Sleepywood Dungeon and the return of Anthill would be great. Perions Excavation Site, Inside the Elliani's Tree, Florina Beach, Kerning Subway Tunnel or Swamp Area could all use a face lift for high lvl mobbing. Anth…
  • I, myself am enjoying it. I like the fast pace speed level of typing skills.
  • They do carry over. I tested this with Hunter’s Arena as well since they both function the same.
  • Seeing as I grabbed everything I can during the event, I gotta say it is pretty nice. Tedious farming Angels for coins but the Asuka Shop offered 10 nodestones which was nice.
  • If you love aran, I suggest you keep playing it. Luminous is good at mobbing as well but it all depends on what you enjoy. You can still try both classes for both link skill and legion.
  • Please follow the bug guidelines. http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/6845/maplestory-bug-reporting-guidelines#latest
  • Sadly I won't be applying due to working during the month, but I wish anyone applying the best of luck.
  • Reboot gets fully upgraded versions due to no scrolls, which is why the price is adjusted to be same as if you scrolled it in normal servers. Anyways, I don't really care about the chair. I would feel kinda insane if I spent 1500 coins on a pivot…
  • Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, that is the case of very bad luck with RNG involved in royals.
  • NicholasB wrote: » It does not matter what a few people says about this. I don't even bother to read what they say about this. This is why we have a poll for, to see what most of people think about it and as we all know, MOST of people said …
  • Seems like you are asking a bit too much. Your poll choices don't really make sense. I don't think anyone is willing to spend 50k nx to transfer each character over. Maybe lower price, but it'd be nice if you provided as a reason as to why you want …
  • Server time itself is unchanged for UTC. For North America users, daytime savings has pushed 1 hour later. So now the reset for them is 5 PM PST/8 PM EST.