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September 24, 1998
  • [Updated] Level 20 Arcane Symbol Chart

    link no longer working

    Updated it to Adventure Update 2019
  • [Updated] Level 20 Arcane Symbol Chart

    Hello there

    There are alot of ppl want to know about the new Chart of Arcane Symbol since it increased to lvl 20 and no one is find
    even i didnt found one updated to it
    so i maked one for you guys

    Updated to Adventure Update

    Enjoy :)

  • My own lagging problems

    Hello there

    I must to say that most of the my game experience is fine with computer windows 7 6 years old but I have a problem of lagging but it only I specific times

    Most of the week it starts to get lagging in the evening times like 6 to 8 at evening and after it midnight like 1 at night and over it fixed by itself
    at Fridays it starts to get lagging earlier in the noon like 1 or 2 at noon till 7 or 8 at evening and then it fixed by itself
    At Saturdays it mostly similar to Fridays I'm starting to get lagging in around 2 or 3 at afternoon and it go on till the rest of the day till the midnight of 1 at night

    That rly weird I swear it heppen to me in the last 4 years and I rly dont know what to do with it

    Some1 has the same thing?
    Or know how to fix that?
    I must help cuz it rly annoying and I can't play at that times

    Ty for helpers
  • Vanishing Journey Nerf(Post BEYOND Update)

    Tanya wrote: »
    :O Nuuuu thats my less-lag-than-chuchu training area! I better lvl to 220 fast so I can do Lachelein instead.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Chu Chu Island and Lachelein is stay the Same
    they didnt nerf
    so the exp is still good there
    it only affected Vanishing Joruney

    so now it Problem for ppl who is lvl 210 and lower cuz they will have almost 50% less exp than b4

    oh and by the way
    if u want to train in a good place in Vanishing journey they going to added new hidden map in Vanishing with 80 Arcane Force instead of 360 with the same monsters and with the same places with the same maps but the exp and hp lower than b4 and the exp is higher than the regular monster
    they has like 100m hp and 200k exp
    so the lowest monster in chu chu island the pinedeer has around 120m hp and 250k exp so that hidden maps of Vanishing is between the chu chu island and the vanishing nerf

    i hope that i helped