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2x event was that twice the lag?

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edited January 2017 in Rants and Raves
Dear Nexon,
Sort it out like wtf was that, how can you even have the gull to call that lagfest an event, monster where doing the manniquine challenge for 10 seconds, I FREAKING COUNTED!.
Everyone was smegaring in rage, I never seen so many complaints, there may have been more bit I was dcing all the time by your dip **** GM police admin ****. Like ffs don't release an event if its not stable, many of us lost exp cards and drop card, including the limited 3x cards. I usually can get 3 levels or 5 in these events bit cause of the horse **** lag I barely got 1!.

Compensation needs to be addressed, make a 4x card or give us some level potions cause that experience shows me and a lot of plays you really don't give a ****!
  1. Does nexon even care?12 votes
    1. Yeah there doing all they can
       8% (1 vote)
    2. **** no
       92% (11 votes)


  • ShakaAlekShakaAlek
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    edited January 2017
    I wish it was only 2x events, the last few days, even in non-event times, I'm lagging really hard, like I basically can't even star force equips because each stars takes so long... And before this last patch I never had any lag during events or even in event hall, or almost none anyway. I really don't understand how they managed to make it so bad.
  • AntroxiousAntroxious
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    edited January 2017
    Maplestory is still running on the same servers as they did in '06. The server stability issues have been on and off every day, and in most patch notes it says they'll improve stability. It's the same for this one, now they say they'll improve the servers on their side...we'll see

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