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Don't get the Blackheart event quest!

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edited February 2017 in Bug Reporting
Dear Nexon,

I have accepted the quest, but It's not on the list or in the UI Star event. It's happened to one of my characters , but work on the others. Can you please help me?

Bug type: The Blackheart Event quest has accepted but not on the list.

Brief bug summary: I accepted the quest after log in after maintenance. And it's wasn't there in the quest list. So I don't get any Love meter drop from monster and can't summon the special monsters.

More details: My others chaacters in the same account can accept the quest. And the quest is listed in the quest event List. You may check the screenshot.

Character name: RavenMiel (Only happened to this character so far )

Character level: 222

Character job: Battle Mage

World name: Scania

Date and time of the incident: I think it's been happening since after maintenance. But i just realize today when my alliance talked about this. SO when I checked , I don't have it on my quest list or in Star Event UI ( Accepted teh quest on 9th Feb 2017 ca 04:00 PM PST or 00:00 AM UTC. But found it today 10th Feb at 09:00 PM PST or 05:00 AM UTC)