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Lantern Erdas hovering around me?

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Anyone know why this is happening? Also getting random debuffs whenever I enter a map there (always the "can't use potions" one I think). Couldn't find any explanations in patch notes/events, unless I missed something? I also died once somehow lol, wasn't paying attention to how it happened though. But I noticed something was hitting me and my mules for a lot more than 1 damage...

edit: ehehe, nvm, people are saying it's supposed to be like that in General Chat?


  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    After the v.183 – Kerning City Superstars Patch there new flying monsters added are suppose to "combat against AFKing" in all of Arcane River.

    These monsters do 10% of your HP in touch damage and when touched you will be potion locked. It cannot be avoided by Dark Sight, most invincibility, or have the touch damage taken to be reduced. I believe these originally came from KMS.

    They usually spawn every 15 minutes, but if you're entering a completely untouched map expect it to spawn on-top of you.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    They spawn every 5 minutes, not 15.
    And yes, they first spawn as soon as you enter the map, which seems pretty stupid. How can anyone who has just entered the map be AFK?