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Silent Crusade Mysterious Meso Bag purchasing

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edited March 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Degraded Functionality

Brief bug summary: When attempting to buy Mysterious Meso bags (and presumably other stackable items, did not have time to check before the unscheduled maintenance) from the shop NPC in the Silent Crusade base, you can only purchase one at a time despite being prompted to enter a purchase amount.

More details:
Before the update to the Silent Crusade UI to make it have the same items for sale as the NPC in the Silent Crusade base, you can purchase as many meso bags as you had silent crusade coins to afford at once. Now, presumably because the pop-uppable UI only allows singular items to be purchased at a time, for some incomprehensible reason you can also only buy one bag at a time from said NPC; no matter how many coins you have, or how many you enter into the prompt to purchase, you're only allowed 1 at a time. This makes spending excess crusade coins needlessly cumbersome (I tend to rack up 1000 or so coins over a few days and spend them all at once rather than have to constantly open UIs or visit Edelstein) when it was much simpler just a few days ago.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Have some significant multiple of 30 silent crusade coins
2. Go to the Silent Crusade base in Edelstein.
3. Talk to the shopkeep NPC to open his version of the Silent Crusade shop.
4. Attempt to purchase multiple meso bags (e.g. enter 30 into the prompt while having 900 coins)
5. Fail
6. Be prompted that you can only purchase 1 bag at a time for some reason

Date and time of the incident: March 3, 4AM EST

Obviously, this is a case of "working as designed", but I'm hopeful that redesigns to make "A Better Maple" wouldn't instead result in more inconvenient features instead.