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Maple Records Event

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edited March 2017 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
I liked the idea of the event but many were confused by when the Event actually ended. They thought once you took the UI to start a record away, the event was over like when the horn blows at a pie eating contest. Pharrett has said that if you keep the UI open the event only ends when the server check happens.
So my suggestion is to clearly state that the event truly ends when you pop everyone off the servers to apply updates. Or pop them off if the event supposed to end before the server check.
Most of us feel that those that kept the UI open past the point where you took it away from us was exploiting a bug which usually gets us rather banned... but this time the Exploiters were rewarded by you if the really did keep going past the contest end of the UI removal from the sidebar.
Again thank you Pharrett for the suggestion on Redditt that such contests should state that it keeps going until Nexon kicks us off.