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Cash item request for anniversary

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Since maple's anniversary is coming soon I thought to bring up my request again after it was ignored around the same time last year. Can the Lucky 7th Anniversary Overall please be included in the sales? I've had my eye on it for a while now and have been hoping it'd come to GMS since MapleSea has had it since 2014 (or possibly 2012?) - and that's a rather large gap. Furthermore, MapleSea has another set with the Legendary 7th Anniversary Hat/Overall based on Orchid's outfit which would also be a great addition. I'm not sure if other regions have these items as I found them in MapleSea first.


P.S. Please DO NOT gender these items.


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    It would be cool to see the number 12 on those hats since its the 12 anv of maple. That would be neat as well!