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Leave party of one, lose claim on items

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edited April 2017 in Bug Reporting
It's not a malfunction, just counter-intuitive.
I wasn't sure if it should go in Bug Reporting, but if not there, then where would it go?

Bug Type: Functionality

Summary: I was doing Kritias daily quests when a Pollo/Fritto portal appeared on the map. I happened to be in a party by myself at the time, so I left it, knowing the portal would not let me in if I stayed. There were still items lying around that I wanted to pick up before entering, so I went around trying to collect them, only to find that I could not. I was baffled, and I kept trying to pick up my items so long that the portal disappeared without me. This feature, this property of items, that the claim is tied to the party and not to individuals, how long has it been there? I don't remember this ever happening before. This may be intended behavior, not a bug, but while it might make sense for a person kicked out of a party to be denied further items from it, this retroactivity does not feel right.

Details: 1. Trying to pick up such a denied item gives the message "You cannot pick up this item."
2. After leaving a party of one and losing the claim, re-entering a party of one will not regain the claim
3. If you kill first, enter a party second, you can still claim your items earned as an individual
4. Leaving and re-entering the map hides the item until the time when it can be claimed by anyone
5. Mesos are completely lost; They do not reappear if you leave, re-enter, and wait
6. Items and mesos dropped from inventory while in party can be picked up after leaving the party

Steps to reproduce:
1. Make a party, don't invite anyone else
2. Kill monsters, but do not collect items
3. Leave the party
4. Try to the collect the items

Character name: CursedApple
Class: Beginner
Server: Broa
Date/time of incident: April 1 or 2, some time after midnight EST?


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    I had the same encounter yesterday on Reboot! I also left my single party to enter a portal and was unable to claim any of my drops afterwards :(