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New Character Issue

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Hey, I just recently noticed that I can't make a new character or characters on my account. It is greyed out and somehow I cant even make a new character. I have evidence about the issue down below. My Account character is still working fine but somehow the issue is with making new characters.


IGN: Knoebels
World: Scania


  • TwizzzlersTwizzzlers
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    NVM the issue has been fixed <3
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    This is caused by the data being loaded by the client. The client loads immediately, and the data is loaded at the world/character select screen.

    If the Character Creation, Part-time Job, and Character Card buttons are ever greyed out, the data is loading, just give it a moment.
  • SesomSlayerSesomSlayer
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    I had the same problem when I launch MapleStory and try to create a new character directly, I tried waiting and it did not work for me.
    If you had the same problem as me a simple fix what worked for me is:

    1. Launch MapleStory
    2. Login to an already existing character
    3. Menu
    4. Change Character

    Now the "Create Character" should not be greyed anymore. :)
  • ItzinityItzinity
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    I have a problem aswell i keep on clicking the continue when it says use mega burnng chaacter
    and it says this
    waiting for responce help me