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Some artwork for my milestone

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Reaching level 230 I had this on stand by...
I started making this when I hit 90.00% and though out the time I would grind like crazy, Took a nice break at 95.00% and over time just kept going until I got my level up.

So here in this picture I have Princess1una rocking the Zero set but with the Luminous NX staff along with my pets, Pinkbean soul, Android on the big spider with the propellor monkey cape and white angel and that giant hourglass always behind me along with Lazuli and the Otherwordly Cyguns along for the ride while Eskalade is holding the door....Oh and Soul seekers all over the place...Can't go wrong with out the seekers

I botched the color of the Giant spider...My mind had a bumble bee in mind and that override my art direction, I even named my spider "BeeBee" because of the color, Also I appear to have forgotten the star gloves on Princess1una's hands.

Accidents happen but hitting that milestone cancels out any small flaws and I am just in a good mood,
Enjoy the art work