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Have anyone gotten your A Special Pink Gift?

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edited April 2017 in General Chat
Well I did Lvl my PB to 100 today and came back after doing more power leveling on my Pink Bean for the event.. But I noticed I can't get the Reward Box for the A Special Pink Gift which involves getting a PB to 100 but when i went to try to claim it on my main. It doesn't seem to be there. Is it a bug or something happen. Comment for this help please.


  • jofnoaisfgagjofnoaisfgag
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    Looks like it's set so you can only get it on a character below level 120.
    This is probably because of the pink bean exp potion, which is untradable, and nexon doesn't want people to accidentally get it on a character that can't use it.
    This seems to apply in Reboot too, even if you don't get an exp potion.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    The unopened box can be put in storage, though.
    Unfortunately, everything else in the box is also untradeable. So if you want the EXP potion on a low-level char but the transform potion on your main, you're going to have to give one up.

    Nexon is always so good at giving generous-looking gifts and making sure we can't make full use of them.
    And it's not like we didn't complain about this during the previous Pink Bean event.