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[Share] Let's hunt for equips!

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edited April 2017 in General Chat
Hey guys, finally easter vacation!

I have worked on droprate gear slowly over a long period now. I want to test it now and see how hard or easy it is to hunt for equips listed in the Crusader Codex.

Drop boosters now.

- Greed Pendant (20% item drop).

- 3rd Unwelcome Guest Necklace (20%item drop).

- 3rd Unwelcome Guest Earring (20% item drop).

- Spectrum Goggles (15%item drop).

- Legendary Inner ability (5% item drop).

- Black Bean Ring (0% item drop, still resetting the item to get item drop)

- Wolf Underling familiar


First item will be Green Electric Guitar! If you want to join me, pick whatever item you want. Doesn't have to be equips either :3

Go go go!


Well that didn't take long, like 2.min


hmm next equip will be....

Slime Stick!




Took about 9 min.