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Something weird is happening

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For the past day or two now ive had some weird things keep happening to me in game, I first noticed two days ago that my Final cut skill after being used would not apply the +60% attack to my range even tho it gave me the buff in top right corner + sometimes the mobs i hit with it will die but they appear to still be alive but stuck in position and no longer able to be hit.

Secondly almost everytime i log in and try to type in chat it takes about 5 attempts for it to finally work, AND when i check my Buddy list tab i can not see what channels my friends are on OR i can not /Find them either. ( Was in a shop recently and it took me multiple tries to talk in the persons shop)

Now i was doing Muto pq and after i used Rope node Skill my character gets stuck in position and the only way to move is to Double jump THEN my Rope skill wont let me cast it for the remainder of the PQ.

Almost forgot to mention, While doing normal magnus i constantly take damage even while being inside the blue aura, As well as my potions AND Aran character card DO NOT HEAL ME AT ALL. So these past few days normal magnus feels like hard magnus. Not to mention im forced to use Buff freezers unless id like to re use drop and exp buffs.

Anybody else having this same issue or is it just me, I've only noticed it started to happen AFTER i created my PB ( Not sure if that has anything to do with it) but i cant find anything else that would cause this to happen.