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root abyss equipment became superior

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edited April 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Brief bug summary: RA equips are considered superior for the 13 star event

More details: I tried to get a 14th star on my fan, it dropped to 12 and instead of going up again to 13 it kept dropping to 11 and 10

Steps to reproduce: try to get the fan back to 13, which cost me about a billion instead of totally free as it should be
I hope to get compensated for this loss since it would probably have cost less to get the weapon 15 if the event worked as it should

(if not covered in the summary)

Character name: torafugu

Character level: 233

Character job: kanna

World name: luna

Date and time of the incident: april 4th 02,05 CET

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  • DancemonDancemon
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    edited April 2017
    omg, i fear this is not a bug, nexon only forget to mention that the dropchance remains and we do not get 100% upgrade like last time

    such a waste of a possible good event, hope that not too many players get the same desillusion as I did
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    edited April 2017
    It sayed that it's just the cost and destruction chance, it's not a bug, if it was superior would cost over 50m to enhance it.
  • InvulgoInvulgo
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    edited April 2017
    Pretty sure this is intentional, I will ask about this.