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Tinkerer's Quest

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Well...I still kinda confuse with this Tinkerer things. I have already a yellow and red shoulder and I want to upgrade it. Last time I wanna upgrade, it's only give me a new yellow Shoulder/belt. This time, i don't wanna fall into the trap anymore and wasting my Tinkerer's chest. How can i upgrade my Yellow and Red Tinkerer without doing the yellow one again? Should we do that all the time? It's really ridiculous. How can we continue to upgrade our shoulder/belt from previous one if we have to start again everytime the event available? Why can't we just upgrade it?


  • SorrowSorrow
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    FYI it can tier up or tier down when upgrading. Red can go black but can also go blue.
  • ArwenArwen
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    AlexF wrote: »

    It's only a chance to upgrade from one grade to the next. It isn't 100% guaranteed.

    The steps to upgrade is to have a Tinkerer chest in your inventory,
    Go to Yulia, and select the Second Option "Misc.. Upgrade the Tinkerer's set"
    Here select the color that you have, so if you have a Red Shoulder, select the Red Shoulder
    If it passes you'll get upgraded to black.

    During Marvel season they also tend to increase the rate of upgrade from Red > Black. It is best to do it then.
    She will tell you this dialogue when you're going to upgrade it.

    Hope this helps. P.S I also think it should be 100% pass to go from one color to the next.

    I did that..but it keep asking me to do somekind of prequest. I killed 200 monsters then she asked me again, which one i wanna get..so it means you start from the beginning again. And i just wanna try to upgrade. People are talking about this in game. They said, you stuck with what you have..except you wanna sacrifice 1 tinkerer's chest and just get the yellow one. Then you can upgrade after that...But you like or not, you must let 1 chest to get the new yellow one.