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Suggestion for Event Hall

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Most of us here I can imagine deal with Event Hall lag. Nexon has tried many things to make the lag better, but in some cases they've made it worse or their "efforts" had no effect at all. What people have discovered is that the main cause of this problem is Cassandra, Maple Admin, and Gaga (not sure the exact specifics, but I know it's related to the massive amount of quests they've given). Therefore, I have a suggestion: create a duplicate NPC for each to serve in the Event Hall and trade in items/do other functions, and keep the original NPCs out of any map and only accessible via light-bulb quests. It's not like Nexon hasn't done things like this before, so they might as well, as new NPC scripts/codes would make less people deal with lag (and then people can finally get the Henesys/Leafre chair).