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[Suggestion] Make Princess NO more available!

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Please please please allow the key to access the boss Princess No easier to obtain. It's too difficult to gain access to the boss due to the low key droprate.

I would love to be able to fight Princess No! At the moment and since this lovely content was added to the game the droprate for the key has been minimal. Don't you guys agree? It would be super fun to systematically fight this boss! Drooools on the secondary equipment.
ふかせ wrote: »
They should just make the key like the eye of fire for Zakum - have a npc give the key every time the player wants to fight Princess No.

This is a good suggestion.

I probably don't need to elaborate more on this topic. The main point >> It's too difficult to gain access to the boss due to the low key droprate <<<


Old suggestions about this.

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3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/3kw901/why_is_the_princess_no_questline_so_sadistic/


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    Agreed. I never wanna fight that pink whale ever again.