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Kingsday events

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Hello fellow maplers,

Today as you all know it is Kingsday in the Netherlands, a special day for us dutch people and we used to have a nice event for it in EMS.
Since we all now a global community I still think it would be nice too incooperate these events to GMS. Not only the Kingsday event, but as well the other important cultural events, like e.g. oktoberfest.

Here is a video by Okhura of last years Kingsday event in EMS:

So please add more cultural events, they are important to us and make the game more fun!


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    This sounds like a great idea. It would be nice to increase the amount of events from combining GMS and EMS exclusive stuff now that we're all together. However.... I get the feeling that Nexon will find a way to screw this up by copy and pasting codes without revising before implementing :/