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Help with information

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I know i can search about here in the froum and many things, but i dont really get a lot of them after the 3 next expansions to maplestory after big bang i got really lost.
I begun in this server Reboot, that seems cool so far, i started with a Kaiser that i just let there level 140, then i crated a DB that was a deception to m, doesnt liked at all and converted into a Night Lord who is level 165 now, my range attack is near 85k if im not bad, and i dont know how to improve this dmg, what should be using in my equipment, apart from bosses like magnus the shoulders, some equipment level 140 with 10+ stars, i dont have more than those 2 chars, i dont really know what to do, so basically of information and everything i wanna now the next, please if it is possible:
What missions should i do, what gear should i be wearing, how do i improve my dmg and first of all.. where do i level >.< it took me like 40 minutes to get a 40% in ruined henesys with the giant snails, so i must be doing something wrong, thats BASICALLY my problems now, thanks and i would be grateful for answers and a word saying "you must do this and this".
PS: Playing in Reboot


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    I usually get my mesos from elite drops and selling them then use those mesos and buy shet btw playing in kradia and gear if u are lv 140 u should wear emp armor and if u are lv 150 or above u should wear tyrants and Fafnir/cra gear
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    Since this is Reboot, you should know by now trading is disabled and most of the progression is either solo or through parties/guilds.
    What you should mainly focus on is improving your gear by choosing the following:

    - Get carried or defeat Chaos Root Abyss Bosses (Chaos Lv.180) or Cygnus(Easy Lv.140, Normal Lv.170) for their equipment. I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get carried because defeating these bosses without being extremely well equipped or having a good party will result in failure. Cygnus rewards emblem pieces that can be exchanged for an equipment of the Empress Set (Lv.140), while Chaos Root Abyss Bosses rewards emblem pieces that can be exchanged for an equipment of the Root Abyss Set.

    - Get carried or defeat Magnus (Easy Lv.110, Normal Lv.150, Hard Lv.180) for Elite Heliseum(Lv.80)/Nova(Lv.110)/Tyrant Equipment(Lv.150) for Capes/Shoes/Belts.

    - Obtain Sweetwater Equipment by chance from Bosses by doing Daily Voyages and Trade Union in Commerci. This content is unlocked after completing the Theme Dungeon Quest and milestones for each voyage area.

    - Continue upgrading your Utgard Weapon/Pensalir Armor if you have no other option.


    Chaos Root Abyss, Empress, and Hard Magnus resets weekly on Thursday midnight at Coordinated Universal Time(UTC).

    You would also need to focus on potential. This is a HUGE factor in terms of damage because the boost from percentage(%) stats raises a lot more than addition(+) stats in the long run when you have a lot higher stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK, etc.). To gain potential on your equipment is to use a Potential Scroll. To raise a Potential to a higher tier is to either use a higher Potential Rank Scroll or by using Cubes which tiers up by chance. Your main focus on Potential is to get your primary weapon, secondary weapon and emblem before working on other types of equipment.

    The best and most accessible potential scroll is Epic Potential Scrolls. This is mainly done by doing weekly Mu Lung Dojo (collect your points on Mondays UTC) which can be spent in the shop, Yu Garden by doing daily quests and buying it from the Black Market Merchant that appears 6pm-2am UTC in Yu Garden everyday (required to change channels if the item is not in shop, it's randomly generated). Some Events also provide Epic or Unique Potential Scrolls so you might want to keep your eye out for those.

    I would recommend to do your daily bosses Zakum, Hilla, Ranmaru, Horntail, Root Abyss, etc. at the mode you're most comfortable with. You need the mesos in order to purchase Cubes in the Cash Shop (which is a Reboot Exclusive feature). I'd highly suggest you to Cube during a Miracle Time in order to have a higher chance at tier-up.

    In terms of training there is a guide on this forum. Since you're in Reboot the monsters have higher hp, dishes out more damage, but grants more rewards (EXP, DROP).

    If you need additional information in terms of more in-depth help, do not hesitate to respond on which portion that you need more help on.