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Root Abyss "Illegal Program detection" issues

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Hi everyone o3o

ok so my mains a phantom and i enjoy the class

but While doing Root abyss it's get really annoying
it keeps saying
"An illegal program has be detected."
"Please try again after reinstalling the game."
"Illegal program usage could result in banning from the game"
I'm sure i'm not using any illegal programs... is it because i kill it too fast?
I'm getting tired of logging off every root abyss boss i do and re-log to finish the other, i had to log off in Pierre and Crimson Queen

Please fix this =_=

ty c:


  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    I just got the notice right now while doing the prequest on my wild hunter. When I was opening the Pierre box. Not sure i want to finish the quest now if it's going to keep happening.
  • link37890link37890
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    As of the new patchnotes; the bug will be fixed for the RA boss disconnects tomorrow