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[Read Before Posting] Maple Marketplace Guide

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The Marketplace on the official forums is here to provide a section where Maplers can list items for selling, trading, and buying.

Rules & Guidelines:
  • Any posts in the Marketplace section must comply with the rules from our Code of Conduct as well and the MapleStory Terms of Use.
  • The MapleStory teams has no influence on pricing of items sold in this section. The original poster (OP) of the market thread holds all responsibility over items sold and prices placed. Posting a thread in the Marketplace means you agree that the MapleStory team assumes no liability for items lost or mismanaged during trading, buying or selling.
    • The MapleStory team will not compensate any items lost or mismanaged during trading, buying, or selling.
  • Sales of characters and accounts are not permitted under any circumstances. The selling or trading of any items through real world currency is prohibited. Any Mapler in violation of the rules can be subject to ban on the forums and possibly in-game.
  • Please know that we only allow Maplers to have one active market thread at a time. If there are multiple items you want to buy or sell, you should condense them into one general buying/selling/trading thread.
    • If you wish to make a new thread, please private message a VFM and they will lock or delete your previous thread. This is to prevent the flooding of this section and from others of running into some of your older threads.

Writing threads in the Maple Marketplace Section:

When creating your thread, please use the below EXAMPLE formats:

Thread Title:
Be sure to include your world or world alliance in your title, as well as the items you are selling/seeking.
  • Format:
  • Example:
    [WINDIA] Selling 24% DEX Sweetwater Tattoo

Thread Body:
  • Include: As in the below example, the inclusions are not required to be presented in same organization, but all necessary information must be provided.
    • Your in-game name.
    • The item(s) you are buying. (Should also be posted in the title)
    • The price you are buying/selling for or offer for item in trade.
  • Example:
    Hi Maplers, I'm looking to sell my 24% DEX Sweetwater Tattoo.
    You can contact me in-game on WINDIA. My in-game name is Aru.

    Please leave offers here or message me in-game. Thanks!

Thank you,