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[Read Before Posting] Guild Section Guide

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The Guild section on the official forums is here to provide a section where Maplers can advertise their guilds or use their dedicated thread as a social hang-out. Maplers are free to get creative with their Guild thread and we welcome banners and other creative assets to make your guild look appealing.

Keep in mind that you're also free to create a thread if you're looking to join a guild or even find friends to play with.
While the main focus of this section is for guilds, there's nothing wrong with posting recruitment for other content related to MapleStory.

Please see the template below if you'd like ideas on how to get started with your Guild thread:

Faux is recruiting on Scania and we want you to join! We're a relatively old guild and tight-knit If you're looking for a guild that's more like a family, then apply with us.
Guild Bio: (Insert backstory)

To apply, please fill out the information below:
Character Name:
Short bio (Optional):

None of this is required if you're looking to create a thread for your guild, but it's probably a good idea to present people with some info as to what members you're looking for along with the necessary information.

Thank you,