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The harp in Eliza's Rage is pretty broken

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Bug type: Quest

Brief bug summary: After the harp locks you into place (Is this supposed to happen? I don't remember it ever working this way) some notes become unplayable.

More details: Went to do Eliza's Rage quest for fame and was getting frustrated when I found I couldn't press the "A" note. After changing channels a few times and flash-jumping down to the harp I noticed the A note was briefly clickable until about a second after you hit the ground. After a bit of testing I found out it was due to the harp's character lock range. Anyway, while the unclickable note is usually A, sometimes one or two others will be unclickable in it's place as seen in my video. 100% recreation rate on 2 different characters. Video link:

Steps to reproduce: Try playing the harp on the same level it's on. Your character will usually lock into place while one or more notes will become unplayable and the clickboxes for the others will become distorted. If you unlock your character and move to the ground floor below the harp (or anywhere outside the lock range), every note will return to normal.

Character name: FluffyMatty

Character level: 121

Character job: Mihile

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: ~2:45 AM

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    I feel like all NPC clickboxes are messed up recently (since V patch or thereabouts).
    Mostly they've shrunk.
    For example, when I'm trying to click on shop or storage NPC's, I have to move my mouse around quite a bit until I find the one small area that's clickable. It also seems to depend, to some extent, on where you're standing. I might try to make a video after the maintenance.
    Anyway, this may be a specific case of that. I can't remember whether the character always used to be locked in place during this part of the quest, or not.