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Losing EXP + Glitchy Timer

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I noticed that you lose EXP when you die in Aspire Investigations, particularly the spikes in B4 basement that kill you in one shot.
I don't believe we should be able to lose EXP during these events, especially this event, it doesn't seem fair at all, especially when you're expected to explore these maps.

Not only that but the timer glitches, I think there should be a universal timer (just like for the Labyrinth in Tynerum) for Investigations so that everyone gets kicked out at the same time to help deter people from hacking and screwing up the timer for everyone else, and so people don't have to worry about leaving and re-entering, wasting their Aspire passes just to enter only to get their timer reduced to 2 minutes and forced to leave just because of some hacker. (I mean, or the glitch could just get fixed.)

Plus, people are hacking like crazy in these maps, so they stay there until their timers run out, and they can easily reset it because they're hackers, and then it makes other people have to leave and switch to another channel. Making it unfair for everyone that plays fairly. Maybe GMs should watch the maps and start banning these people, because you can easily see it's an epidemic.